… who i am

I’ve been privately blogging for a number of years now, and I blog publicly on a couple of activist sites, but those aren’t my personal thoughts. I figured… hey, why not?

So, a blog.

I feel like I need an intro, even though the only people reading this are likely to be people who know me pretty well.

I am an about-to-graduate college senior living on the downeast coast of Maine. That’s the important thing in my life right now. As to the rest…

Who I am:

  • I work with children with autistic spectrum disorders
  • I am very politically active, though that’s dropped off in the past few years
  • I am transgender
  • I am a (relatively new) unitarian universalist and I am sort of sickeningly in love with my church
  • I don’t drink, or smoke, or really do anything that most people think of college students as doing
  • I am from Los Angeles and consider getting out of CA, away from my family, and supporting myself entirely (though, not always entirely effectively) one of my biggest accomplishments
  • I hate cartoons
  • I can deliver a damn good speech in front of 500 people (and have, more than once) but I’m monumentally uncomfortable talking to a group of 10 people I know
  • I’m scared of the future. And really, really, really excited about it

2 Comments to “… who i am”

  1. So many things I hadn't thought about. The idea that there would be pressure on someone transgendering to male to become "Harley" guy. I love the idea that this is also an opportunity to claim the best in the gender stereotypes.

  2. Thanks for the commend, Judy. I am glad you're reading and liking what I have to say.Just a small semantics issue – the word transgender is not a verb in base form or present/past participle. It's also not a noun. It's an adjective, just like gay. I am transitioning to male, not transgendering. I am not "a transgender" I am "a transgender person."

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