…being alone

For the first time in my life I have my very own apartment. Nobody else lives with me (except for two rats that I’m ratsitting for for awhile – they are very cute).

It’s VERY odd. I’m finally applying every one of those green living tips I spent the last three years half-ignoring at COA. I’ve only spent three nights here, but it’s already just so odd being alone. Just knowing that when I wake up there is no possibility that somebody else will be in the shower. That everything will be exactly how I left it. It’s nice, no doubt, but very odd.

Granted, I’m not totally alone. I have lovely front neighbors I met yesterday who are letting me have free internet. And I have a friend or two in the area – non-COA folks who have some semblance of a sane life and don’t go jetting off to some other state or country (or sometimes planet it seems) on a whim.

I’ve never been very good at just hanging out with people. At just kinda sitting around and not doing much with people. There are a couple folks I can do it with. Addams/Emily/Alli are three (really, they are one person) and my friend Dawn is another. I can just go to her house and sit for a looooong time (not that that thrills her, I’m sure, but whatever). Granted, when I’m there I have to deal with her yippy dog-like alien and the fact that she has decided I don’t eat enough and therefore she has to feed me all the time. But I can deal with that because, hey, she’s somebody nice to talk to. And she has a hot tub. And she *can* cook, which is nice.

So that’s where I am at. I have an apartment. I have a couple of friends. I have internet. I sort of have my church. Slooooowly I’m building a life here.


One Comment to “…being alone”

  1. Those first steps at actually being on your own are kinda unnerving, aren't they? I remember mine o so well, but at least I had my cat Fido for continuity.I got to like the silence and the fact that no one else was using my stuff after a while.

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