I did something stupid today.

Please forgive me.

I watched an episode of Dr. Phil.

I know, I know. I should know better. Stay with me.

somebody uploaded an episode of Dr. Phil about girl bullying. I decided to stick with it despite it being titled “Girl World.”

It wasn’t terrible. I mean, it was an episode of Dr. Phil. I have absolutely zero respect for the man and his opinions on childhood development. It wasn’t a good episode, but I only wanted to punch him four or five times, so it was better than most.

One of the things that bugged me a lot was the examples they had of all the people who were bulled in middle/high school. They are all tall, conventionally beautiful, seemingly-straight women.

I was bullied mercilessly in middle school. People called me gay and fat and ugly and stupid and poor. People threatened me. I was tied to a tether ball poll. I cried every day of middle school, and these girls loved that they had that power over me. And obviously I am still pissed off by it. Recently one of the “ring leaders” of the bullying friended me on facebook and I sent her a message saying, simply, “why the hell would you want to be my friend?” I guess I’m not over it.

But as I was watching this show I kept thinking… “who is there representing me?” All the people who were up there, on this supposed representation of America and the bullying problem we have, was standing there in all of their 5’10” size 2 look-at-my-highlights glory. Where’s the trans guy, the butch lesbian, the gay boy, the straight girl who everyone still thinks is a lesbian? Where are they? Where am I? Why are you all assuring her that she’ll find a boyfriend who deserves her at some point? What if she doesn’t want a boyfriend? What if she doesn’t want to fit in?

LGBTQ bullying is hardly talked about outside of LGBTQ spaces. That needs to change if it’s actually going to stop.


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