“So, what are you doing after you graduate?”

“Congratulations! What’s next in life?”

“What are you doing after graduation?”


I have a job. I have had a steady job for 6 months that pays the bills and I love the kiddos I work with. But I know that it’s just a job until I figure out what I really want to do. The thing is that I have no idea what I want to be. Even when I just sit and let myself dream about what I want to do in the future there is not one career that actually seems to fit me. I don’t want to be a butcher, baker, candle stick maker, doctor, lawyer, sex toy designer, penguin tamer, janitor, teacher… nothing appeals. I don’t want to work full time for LGBTQ rights, or full time with youth, I certainly don’t want a cubicle.

So what would an amazing, fulfilling career entail for me?

In my ideal, mythical career that doesn’t exist I’d want:

  • To connect with people on a personal level
  • To travel, at least some
  • Not work work exclusively with LGBTQ populations, but to never have to hide, lie about, or be ashamed of my various identities
  • To meet new and interesting people often
  • To be able to share my ideas from the start
  • To work collaboratively with others, not doing things alone all the time, but the ability to work on my own when I need/want to
  • For this to be a career that is not totally geographically specific
  • To be part of changing, for the better, a community
  • To learn and grow and have a great time doing it

so what? I want to be…

Tell me, folks, what is my future career?


4 Comments to “…careers”

  1. Well, I have one that comes to mind. What about doing something with the MCLU, or on a broader base with the ACLU? It seems to fit all of your requirements! šŸ˜€

  2. Not really. From doing some stuff with the ACLU in high school it's only a few who get to actually go out and work with folks. Most folks are behind desks.

  3. Hmm… that is true. It's the first thing that came to mind.

  4. My ideal, mythical career has exactly the same characteristics as yours. Plus music. I went to a concert last week and realized exactly what I wanted to do. Be a part of a folk group, make music, record, tour to the littlest of towns. It was the most obvious of things, that combines everything I want to do. It might not ever happen but it’s something to aim for.

    Maybe you’ll have a brainwave too. Or maybe you have since June?
    best of luck!

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