I like running. Except for the fact that I hate running. But I like it.

So I have gone for a couple runs here. I’d run in Acadia plenty of times, and that’s pretty easy. I know Acadia, I know that I can get “lost” on the trails and not really be lost.

Here? Not so much.
I tried to go on a little exploratory run of the neighborhood. My thought process went sort of like this. “Oh, I will go to Blackhouse! Oh… Blackhouse doesn’t really have trails. Well, ok, I’ll go run by the river! Oh, you can’t, there’s no trail. Hrm, ok, I’ll just jog down Main street! La di da… CRAP those clouds are dark!” And then it started with thunder and lightening before I got home.

I tried to map my route on Google Maps. this is what I came up with.


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