My country has done a good job

Today while I was driving to the island I was listening to MPBN (ME Public Broadcasting Network) and they had on some man who had fought in Vietnam.  He was talking about how when he came home he didn’t get any kind of a welcome.  People spit at him, called him baby killer.  Of course I’d heard these things before, how our troops coming home from Vietnam were not welcomed as they had been in previous wars, how they were not thanked for their service to the country.

And, I suppose, our country has done a good job in making sure that doesn’t happen again.  I am certainly no fan whatsoever of this war.  I have been against it since before it happened.  According to Wikipedia the war started on October 7th, 2001.  I was 14 years old.  It was the beginning of my first year of high school.  I am 23 now.  I am a college graduate.  I never dreamed that this war would go on for so long.  Nobody did.  I have nothing but hatred for this war.

But I don’t hate our soldiers.  I hate that they have to go there, I hate what our country is telling them to do, I severely dislike the atrocities certain individuals have committed.  But I don’t hate our soldiers.  I would never say anything bad about one of our troops just because they are one of our troops.

It was a strange revelation to drive to.  That something about me or how I was raised has taught me (and any of my peers I can think of offhand) to respect our women and men in uniform, regardless of how I feel about the job they are doing.


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