I go to a lot of conferences, and while they were What I Needed when I was in high school, I feel like I’ve grown out of them already.  There are ALWAYS things for me to learn, but so many workshops I find myself sitting there thinking, “yes, I know all of this.” and, what’s worse, is that I find myself getting annoyed at the “stupid questions people ask.”  Particularly when I have known the answer to that “stupid” question for years.  It’s not necessarily that I am sick of activism, that I think I’m better than others, or anything else.  It’s that I’m burnt out.

But I still love conferences.  I just want to go to conferences that aren’t political or activism focused.

My big problem?  I don’t have a fucking clue where to start looking for those.

Le sigh.


One Comment to “Conferences”

  1. What are you’re other interests? There are cons on a variety of subjects, maybe there is one on something that’s just-for-fun for you.

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