With my last post there were some people I was sure would support me. Some people I had talked to before about this a little (or a lot), some people I just know are good people who will usually support me in whatever crazy thing I decide I am doing this week, and some people who pop out of the woodwork occasionally to let me know that they think I am doing well at life.

Those responses are appreciated. And needed. And cherished.

It’s the friends who I was sure would be against this in its entirety that shocked me. In addition to posting this here, on my public blog, I posted on my private blog and on Facebook. One friend, in specific, I was… worried (for lack of a better term) about. We have somewhat fallen out of touch in the past year or so, but not for any real reason. Life just happened to both of us. I love her and her family dearly, and at various times I’ve stayed with them for weeks on end while I tried to make life work, or just while I escaped whatever state I was living in at the time.

She’s seen me though from moving from Los Angeles to Central California to Virginia to Maine. She’s seen me through coming out more than once. All with a gentle, kind, loving persistence, a very healthy amount of sarcasm, and a complete horror at the number of classic movies I haven’t seen (I don’t think The Hebrew Hammer counts at a classic, but that’s OK).

When I came out as trans to her her entire response was pretty much “no worries” (well, that, and “yeah, we were SHOCKED. Not.” though perhaps her husband said that.)

But the household is pretty… not anti-religious but they certainly don’t go to church. They hold their annual Not A Christmas Party on December 25th every year and eat latkes and watch some combination of non-holiday movies and things involving marvel comics. I’ve been present for a couple of rants they have had on church, religion, etc. Not a religious household by any stretch of the imagination is what I’m going for here.

So I posted on my private blog, which was somehow harder than posting on my public one. And she commented. And I almost didn’t want to open the email from her at first. When I finally clicked on it she’d said one thing.

“That is one king hell of an interesting consideration.”

So I texted her.

“Not so much seeing me in the pulipt? :-P”

“Exactly wrong. You’d be awesome.”



Not what I was expecting, especially from this friend.


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