Can I gather a Clearness Committee via text message?

Yesterday I went on a google journey. You know how that goes – something triggers you to search for one thing, which gets you interested in something else, and 45 minutes later you are knee deep in articles and blog posts and web forums and newspaper comment threads about something almost completely unrelated to the original search.

I don’t remember what I originally looked at, but I ended up reading a Time Magazine article from June 2009 about the Obama’s picking a church. The article was somewhat boring – I really don’t care much about the First Family’s personal life. One part stood out to me, though, and it got me thinking. Here’s the snippet:

My first thought? “Wow, I do not pray enough to be president.” Bush? Well, I guess I get that. He was Bush. But Clinton had prayer advisors he met with weekly during the Lewinski scandal? And Obama has people he calls for prayer? Really?

I had no idea.

Maybe this is all well known stuff and I’m completely out of the loop. One of my minister-friends introduced me to the concept of a clearness committee – gathering (by phone in the case she was talking about) a group of people to help “reach clarity on how to respond to a concern or dilemma.” That’s really one of those things that it would never strike me to do. Ever. Even after hearing about it I was like “wow, really? Yeah… not so much. Can I convene a clearness committee via text message? What about Facebook chat? No… damn.”


2 Comments to “Can I gather a Clearness Committee via text message?”

  1. I have done clearness committees by email and phone, but not text message. It might work…but I’m concerned the character limit of text would make it harder than when you can take as many words as you need to explain something or someone to ask the right question.

    Good luck!

  2. (that was a joke – I don’t plan to gather a clearness committee for… anything. Just a clever post title).

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