A story of one kid’s adventure through activism

Once there was a spark.

And a kid who wanted to catch that spark, and grow it into a flame.

And the kid did. Caught that spark, and it started to grow.

As the kid got older a lot of things changed.

The flame was not the same flame that was imagined those years ago.

But it was a flame. It was a good flame. And as much as it changed and moved, grew and shrank, that flame still had the memory of that little spark that it had come from.

The flame went around the country, lighting things here and there, sticking with them for days or months or milliseconds.

As the years went on the flame became a raging bonfire in all its warmth and glory and beauty.

But the kid, who wasn’t really a kid anymore, didn’t know what to do then. The kid had never been good at tending the fires; only at lighting them.

Maybe it was time to walk away from fires. Or spend some time learning to tend those fires, instead of just light them.

It was a hard decision. It had been a long and hard road to build that bonfire, and a lot of stuff had to be learned to get the fire to that point. It wasn’t always pretty learning, or logical learning, or learning that made sense, but it was a lot of learning.

The kid started to take steps to let that giant bonfire shrink. To just a couple of flaming 2x4s, and then just some coals.

The kid took one of those coals, tucked it in a pocket.

The kid will never have to catch that spark again. It’s a spark that you can’t uncatch.

It won’t go out. That’s not how this fire works. Eventually the flame will be coaxed out again. But it will be a carefully tended fire.

Instead of haphazardly throwing on an old dresser and junkmail and anything else that will burn this fire will be started carefully, as the kid has now learned to do.

Some stuff that will burn up quickly but is necessary to start a fire.

Some stuff that will burn for awhile, long enough to light the big stuff.

And some big logs. Hard logs. Logs that will burn for a long time.

Steady logs.

The spark wasn’t stable. The bonfire wasn’t stable.

The kid is growing up, learning to make fires that work.

But there is still that spark that started it all.


One Comment to “A story of one kid’s adventure through activism”

  1. Andy! This is marvelously written, and it reflects my own experience with activism so very well.

    Thank you.

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