I’m Moving to Boston… And I NEED a Job

Alright, folks, for my more spiritual, emotional, analogical take on this please see the previous post. This is all work and no play. Please spread this post far and wide to any people you may know who could help me out!

I am moving to Boston, soon, and I desperately need a job once there. I have a place for my sister and I to stay for a little while but that little while needs to be spent saving money, not looking or a job.

Things I have done in the past:
-Worked at a residential treatment center for children and teens with autism spectrum disorders and other PDDs (pervasive developmental delays).
-Ran campaigns on local, and statewide levels.
-Worked with LGBTQ non-profits on grant writing.
-Worked at summer camps for children with developmental delays, physical delays, and mental challenges

Things about me and what I am looking for:
-I know a lot about LGBTQ history and the current atmosphere in the US
-I am really, really good with children of differing abilities and ages
-No, really, I am fabulous with children
-I can write curricula
-Public speaking (ok, this is based on stuff other people say, but I am certainly not THAT bad at it)
-I am willing to travel
-I would love to do something that involved religion or interfaith organizing
-The job needs to be cool with the fact that I am genderqueer. I have put up with enough gender discrimination crap for my lifetime, thanks.
-It needs to be public transit accessible.

Other things:
-I have a bachelor’s degree from College of the Atlantic in Human Ecology
-I am trained in infant/child first aid and CPR
-I type 90 WPM
-I really, REALLY need a job.

Want to know more? I’ve got resumés and I know how to use them – I’m happy to email them to you on request. If you have any tips (actual tips, not tips like “check out monster.com!!” or “my aunt knows somebody who worked for this man who had a son whose wife’s ex sister in law once worked for this place in Boston!”) then please leave them in comments or email me at andyleighcoate-at-gmail-dot-com.



5 Comments to “I’m Moving to Boston… And I NEED a Job”

  1. Email me your resume. I don’t have any Boston leads, but I head the internal services wing at work (includes HR) and I know the difference between a working resume and one that’s not. And I trust you keep up with Indeed.com, so I won’t mention that.

  2. http://www.outdoors.org/about/employment/fulltime/leadership-and-training-coordinator-youth-opportunities-program.cfm

    Check out the AMC. A GREAT place to work and they’re looking for a outdoor youth program coordinator at their headquarters in Boston 🙂

  3. email me your resume – not sure we have openings, and would really help if you spoke some Spanish, but I can see if there are possibilities around. I’m COA class of 02 and work at Sociedad Latina in Roxbury/Mission Hill but I’m on maternity leave right now. Good luck!

  4. https://hr.charlesrivercenter.org/

    Charles River ARC in Needham has some interesting openings — and although Needham is not in Boston, it’s accessible via commuter rail, has a lot of the good of being near to a big city, but with a lot of the laid-back stuff you say you like about Maine (unlocked car and house doors, neighbors who clear each other’s driveways, etc), and a very active UU congregation.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    This is Neith from COA. I’ve been enjoying your blog entries. Sorry I haven’t commented before.

    You might want to consider the Teach for America program (http://www.teachforamerica.org/). The deadline is coming up soon (next Friday), but they do have a Boston branch. A friend of mine applied to the Philadelphia program a couple of years ago. She didn’t get in, but it seemed like a good opportunity.

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