Whatever happened to genderqueer priests… oh wait.

Yesterday at church the sermon title was, “Whatever Happened to Women Priests?” It was a good sermon, with lots of historical stuff I didn’t know. I liked it, listened attentively, and learned a lot. After the service a friend came up and asked how I had felt about the service (thank you!) and I told her that I genuinely did like it, but she probed a little, asking how I’d felt about it as somebody outside the gender binary. And I’d totally be lying if I said that that didn’t come to mind during the service.

There’s not a history of out trans people going into ministry. This is the first generation where it’s really even been any kind of possible. I can’t open a bible or another holy book and read stories of trans priests or religious leaders of any kind from history, fictional or real. I know some genderqueer clergy now… 3 of them, to be precise. But it’s all new, it’s stuff that congregations and leaders are learning as time goes on, and that learning takes the pace of human growth which is agonizingly slow at times.

I have so much more to say about this but I can’t make the words come out right.


One Comment to “Whatever happened to genderqueer priests… oh wait.”

  1. Very good point. I’ve mentioned GQ issues to my parents in passing, not directly. And my dad said “But is it biblical?” I didn’t say anything so as not to get into an argument, but I just thought, what exactly would make it NOT biblical!?

    At any point does Jesus ever say “you must act out the roles dictated by your chromosomes.”? No. And even then, what about hermaphrodites? Are they just forced to choose a gender and stick to it? Churches, sadly, seem to be the last to pick up on equality movements and I think it will be a while before they really start opening up to GQ and trans people.

    Also which church are you at?

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