Stop. Breathe. Pray. Focus.

Let us stop and breathe
Because, after all, an eye for an eye
Makes the whole world blind
And it’s messy
And it’s certainly not a reason to jump for joy.

Let us stop and pray
For those who were hurt then
And those who were hurt now
And those who will be hurt in the future
In the name of people who seek

Let us stop and focus
On what we really want
And what we really need
And what we wish for our world
Which is the same as their world

So let us focus on the world
Let us pray for the world
Let us breathe out joy
And peace
And love
On the world.


3 Comments to “Stop. Breathe. Pray. Focus.”

  1. I have been trying to figure out how to respond to some of the cheering on facebook, and this really helps. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful poem with its wonderful message.

  3. I really appreciate you writing and posting this. The message is sooooo needed in this world!

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