Hey Young Adults, want a FREE place to sleep at General Assembly?

I received a Katie Tyson grant for General Assembly which means I have a place to sleep.  But I really don’t think that that money should really have gone only to me – so if you want a free place to sleep at GA, let me know.  I have the room reserved.  It’s not the closest place, and we’ll probably end up crammed in there, but hey, it’s a place to sleep!


No drinking, no drugs, no sex, and this really is a place to sleep – everyone won’t have keys to the room and I think it would be best if people weren’t in and out of the room all day.  Over 18 only, please, because I don’t wanna be responsible for underage folks.


email me at andrew.leigh.coate-at-gmail-dot-com with the subject FREE ROOM AT GA.



2 Comments to “Hey Young Adults, want a FREE place to sleep at General Assembly?”

  1. I knew Katie Tyson from Opus. I’m so glad to hear there is a grant in her name. I’m not going to GA, but I hope you find a great roommate for GA. It’s super sweet of you to share the funds.

  2. You are awesome, Andrew! See you in Charlotte!

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