just to clarify

I do not think Jesus was a transvestite.


4 Comments to “just to clarify”

  1. Um. OK. 🙂 Do we file this under “Things Andy doesn’t believe”?

    But I’m guessing there’s a context. Without it, thanks for the grin. And all the best to you as you occupy Boston.

    • I checked my spam folder yesterday, and had a few pieces of hate mail that, I assume, came from my blog. My favorite by far read:

      u r tryin to say that god was gay or jesus was sum kind of trasvestyte but if u actuly RED THE BIBLE ud kno that Jesus was KING OF KINGS not QUEEN OF QUEENS so go to church n stop sayin u kno wat u talkin about wit jesus.

      Teenage jesus FREEK

      • Wow! Sorry you’re getting hate mail. The hater you quote made me think, though, of a prayer from Siddur Sha’ar Zahav, the prayerbook of an LGBTQ Jewish congregation in San Francisco:

        “A Queer Amidah” (excerpts)
        by Andrew Ramer

        God of Oneness,
        infinite, eternal!
        How queer that anything was created at all!

        God of queerness,
        union of all separations,
        we stand here now
        queer ourselves,
        lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and straight,
        equally embodying the queerness of existence itself,
        made of heaven and earth,
        day and night,
        female and male,
        all of us
        within this awesome, holy Oneness.

        One person you made, God
        in your image, female and male
        as male and female are undivided in You
        blended, united.
        You made one person only
        to remind us
        that all of us are one
        and all of us are descendants of the same first Holy Parent.

        And together
        in our many different ways
        we express our innate fruitfulness
        varied as the color of the rainbow,
        refractions of one sacred light.
        We join together in community
        united in heartfelt prayer
        in awe of Your creation
        and its manifest paradoxes.

        How queer of you, God,
        to have created anything at all.
        Source of Life and Blessing,
        Maker and Sustainer –
        of beauty and horror
        joy and blessings
        and in the midst of the world
        we stand together
        and call out to You
        on this Shabbat
        for the life that You have given us.

        Blessed are You,
        God of all that is,
        who queerly brought forth stars and worlds,
        and brought us forth in the midst of them.


  2. I know it is important not to respond to trolls or spam as it just encourages the person behind it, but my response to the spam you received is as follows:

    Dear “Teenage jesus FREEK [sic],”

    Thank you for your recent email. I hope I am not misinterpreting your motive for sending this to me as a request that I proofread it and provide feedback before your final submission in a public forum. I have provided the necessary spelling, grammar, and stylistic corrections below. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your argument. As you have bestowed upon me the task of helping to improve your work, I feel I must tell you that I fear the whole of your argument may not hold up in public debate. It has some logical flaws and is based on an several unproved assumptions. I suggest that you consult a professor or expert in rhetoric, debate, logic, or interpersonal relationships. As I promised, here are the simple corrections I can provide:

    ” Dear Andy,
    It seems to me that you are arguing that God was gay or that Jesus was a transvestite of some sort. I believe that if you had read the Bible, you would recall the Jesus was referred to as the King of Kings, but never as the Queen of Queens. I strongly suggest that you attend religious services at a Christian church in order to better understand the cultural and historical views of Jesus and His works.
    Most Sincerely,
    Teenage Jesus Freak”

    Thank you for you continued interest in my blog, as you know, every read counts!

    Best Wishes,

    I was honestly as appalled by the abysmal spelling, dreadful grammar, lack of clarity or grace of writing, poor argument skills, and generally appalling presentation as I was with its absolute rubbish content. Aside from all that, the act of sending such ridiculous tripe is a level of rudeness I have not previously been privy too.

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