Transgender Day of Remembrance online service – tonight!

I am doing the opening Prayer for the Church of the Larger Fellowship’s, a worldwide online UU congregation, Transgender Day of Remembrance service.

Our TDoR service is at 9pm EST tonight. Find us at
My prayer:

Spirit of justice, of all encompassing love, spirit of wellness and hope and faith, let us live each day to the fullest. Let us live each day not  grateful only for existing as who we are, but also for those who can no longer live as their most authentic selves.

For those who had their lives cut short by ignorance and misguided anger may their memories be held tenderly and may they not be forgotten. Let us live our lives so their lives were not in vain.

For those families, both of choice and biology, that have been torn apart by injustice may you be blessed with the strength and faith to move forward with the beautiful memories you shared with your loved one. May you heal in whatever way that happens for you.

For the youth and young people who see this day as proof that they shouldn’t come out, shouldn’t be their whole selves, or have to live their lives in fear, may you be blessed with loving, safe, supportive community.  For those who do come out despite the challenges may you have the same.

For those who do not yet understand the true consequences of your actions, who have been so hurt by society that you feel you must hurt in return, may you have opportunities to learn and the awareness to accept those opportunities as a gift.

For all people who live their lives openly and proudly may our world learn to embrace its own collective diversity.  May we all be blessed with safe, fulfilling, happy lives.

Blessed be and amen


One Comment to “Transgender Day of Remembrance online service – tonight!”

  1. Oh, i do wish i had seen this earlier! i missed the service by an hour. 😦

    This is the first time in years that i haven’t organized a TDOR event.

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