Earth Day Prayer

After service today a number of people asked where the prayer I led came from. I told folks I wrote it and would post it on my blog.

Feel free to use it as you like with attribution to Andrew Coate, April 2012.

Please join me in the spirit of prayer, of reflection, of blessing our Earth this day and all days.

God that is this earth, the soil beneath our feet, the oceans too vast to comprehend, the air that gives us life and the sun that gives us warmth; help us remember that the wind is not documented; it does not get held captive by one country.  The oceans do not carry papers when they travel in great twisting paths around the globe, mixing and churning and forever changing.  As spring turns barren land into new life plants do not ask permission to bloom because of fences or walls or checkpoints.

Today we pause to remember that our earth sustains us only as long as we sustain it.  Let us remember that we are only just a part of this fragile system; we are not in charge but by virtue of what we have done we hold temporary responsibility.  We survive and thrive only as long as we sustain one another and sustain where we live.  Earth day is not about only the soil we stand on and the air we breathe but the encounters we have on this earth and with this earth and how we can recognize, sustain and enhance the good. 

Allow us to live for the good of the earth.

Amen and blessed be


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